Divergent Ink Tattoo Studio opened its doors in January 2015. Our talented tattoo artists are passionate about art and believe getting a tattoo is not just a fad, for us IT IS PERSONAL. We strive to deliver quality work and take pride in our delivery. You won't find a friendlier more accommodating and professional tattoo parlor. 

(954) 464-9273 / (786) 401-6623

5582 NE 4th Ct Suite 6C
Miami, FL 33137

Tu-Sat 1p–10p

Chaviano did a phenomenal job on my tattoo! Not only did he make it into a reality, he took his time with piecing it together.
He did not question my idea nor gave me a hard time. He’s very skillful, clean, and patient.
Chaviano is the to-go-to artist! The studio is extremely chill and nice. Everything is kept up-to-date.
— JR
I’ve been getting tattooed in South Florida for the past 17 years. In my experiences, I’ve met some talented artists. Today, I had the privilege of getting tattooed by Guillermo “G” Chaviano, of Divergent Ink. He is one of the most talented and enthusiastic artists I’ve come across. His work is clean (aesthetically and hygienically) and customer service is unparalleled. He cares about his craft, product and client.
— RS
Thank you for making Anthony’s birthday and my x-mas extra special this year!

”G”, great artist and host. Divergent Ink is THE place to go for amazing work and a private experience. Great service, private selection of music/tv/background entertainment, passionate artist and overall “at home” feeling. I recommend his shop 100%. (4 pieces and counting...)
— AA
Frank is the best person to get a tattoo from, his vibe and attitude were extremely welcoming.
I got my first tattoo today and he was telling me not to worry and was very patient when I kept moving the tattoo around 😂.
Overall experience 10/10 def going to come back to Frank, hands of a God.
— BF
Best tattoo artist I’ve had hands down! Anyone I come across that also knows Guille has always had great things to say about him. Second time I’ve gotten tattooed by him and I’m in love with it!
It’s day three and it is healing so well it’s amazing. Would give this 10 stars if I could :D
— KM
Guille is amazing, got my first tattoo from him and definitely not my last. He is passionate about his work, will never rush you, and provides an unforgettable experience. He was able to funnel my ideas for my first tattoo (i was everywhere with ideas lol) and put it all into a sketch. If you want a great job with an artist at heart come to him!
— PB


Miami Tattoo Artist G Chaviano

Guillermo "G" Chaviano

"The Best Tattoo Shop in Miami" Guillermo proudly boasts to everyone who dare ask him about his tattoo studio. He pours his soul and artistic talent into tattoos since 2009 approaching each design he creates as if it was his masterpiece. When you allow Guillermo to create your next tattoo, you’ll receive individualized attention. He will work with you to bring your concept to life. Individual identity and personal expression are at the core of every tattoo he designs.

Frank L Henriquez was born February 20th, 1987, in Cuba, and resides in Miami, FL. After 8 years of studying and taking art courses, his interest in the art of tattooing and alternative mediums has turned him into a multidisciplinary artist. Frank has built a professional career and portfolio with his tattoos. His style is unconventional and unique in Miami, as he mixes smooth shading with lines that resemble brush strokes and sketches.

Miami Tattoo Artist Frank
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